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LaPistina was founded in 2011 with the aim of importing and exporting cigarette paper from the largest foreign brands and haberdashery at affordable wholesale prices while expanding its operations in more than 7 countries in the Balkans and Europe.


cigarette paper

Our company ensures the immediate and consistent supply of cigarette paper products from Rizla, OCB, Gizeh as well as Bic & Criket lighters, Panasonic batteries at unique wholesale prices. We have already developed action in 7 countries in the Balkans and Europe, while our goal is the most immediate service to our customers.

Top Brands

We work with the largest brands of cigarette paper and haberdashery worldwide

Import Export

With action in over 7 countries and based in Cyprus, we take care of the immediate execution of your orders

Reasonable prices

LaPistina provides its customers with unique wholesale prices for all its products


Contact us

LaPistina is at your disposal to develop cooperation as well as for any possible questions about our products


116 Gladstonos str, Kyprianou House,
3rd floor, 3032 Limassol Cyprus